Sunday, January 24, 2010

Was It A Gallbladder Attack Or Stomach Flu Can A Gallbladder Attack Make You Feel Like It's Difficult To Breath?

Can a gallbladder attack make you feel like it's difficult to breath? - was it a gallbladder attack or stomach flu

I had severe pain for a few seconds earlier. It was hard to breathe. I was hurt by someone, the gallbladder is a problem said it was my gallbladder. The doctor said the first time happened was that the panic attacks ... Hello I come from a deep sleep awoke and could not breathe. In each case a year ago. I've completed the test, which yesterday swells in the stomach and took X-rays. From that moment on, at 8:00 clock yesterday, I had episodes of pain in the gallbladder (and my kidneys, I am inclined to) do the calculations. In the worst crisis of the pain I feel nausea and can not breathe. Can not wait for the results of this week, I'm ready for answers and a way to solve this problem. But my gallbladder? I think back in my right breast. Y pain in the middle of the chest. I have asthma along the road.

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Andee said...

I still have a gall bladder attack before, just a little here and there occasionally. But I have heard from others who had a describe the symptoms you have. Back pain, chest pain, nausea, and some even describe as feeling like a heart attack.

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